09 Sep 2003

Mac Diatribe: Lack of Games

I’m a serious gamer, just below the rank of what the press call “hardcore.” I own an XBox, a GameBoy, and a very fast PC. By way of Mac hardware, I own an aging 1999 Powerbook, and I have no plans to buy another Mac. In fact, any serious gamer must automatically reject the Mac.
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09 Sep 2003

Outline of Mac Diatribe

Please understand I’m of two minds about the Mac, and so my remarks should be taken like those of a concerned parent, rather than, say, a Palestinian suicide bomber.

My main points are

  • Lack of games
  • Inadequate developer documentation, including horrifying backward steps
  • Lack of affordable hardware
  • Counterproductive “boutique” model
  • Ignorance of the real competitive advantages over Linux, Windows
  • Poorly managed transition to OS X
06 Sep 2003

Diatribe against Macs coming

I’ve been writing a pretty major piece of Mac software for almost two and a half years. As I’ve gone along, I’ve run up against the shortcomings not only of the developer resources, but of course also in OS X itself, since developers are also users.

At this point, I’m essentially ready to abandon the Mac for greener pastures elsewhere, but I have to work it out a bit first, so I’m going to be posting a multi-section reflection on the matter. I am extremely hesitant to change my attitude from “mac-zealot” to “mac-doubter,” and that’s definitely one of the issues going on here. The Mac demands defensiveness from its adherents, and so I meet much resistance from my own history and contrary nature when I consider embracing my disgust.

Much, much more coming soon.