This is a post to test the functionality of MathJax. Just put a simple script tag in your header, pointing to a global copy of mathjax.js distributed via Amazon’s CloudFront content distribution network. After that, you can enter LaTeX or MathML directly in your posts and MathJax will render it into beautiful equations. Here is a favorite (from my dissertation):

\[ \Pi \wedge^{2}_{+}TX\otimes\wedge^{2}_{+}T^{*}X \hookrightarrow
\Pi\wedge^{2}_{+}TX\otimes T^{*}X\otimes T^{*}X \]

2 thoughts on “Mathematics with MathJax”

  1. How is it that the first time I check out this site happens to be the first time you update it in like forever?

  2. Ha, yes that is a coincidence. I go in bursts, what can I say. I recently touched base with an old colleague who is managing this MathJax project and so it made me want to give it a whirl. My previous gig in 2001-2004 was equation editing and putting math on the web ( Now I have yet another post to write!