A few weeks ago I decided to put some thought into why I have so much trouble getting good at real-time strategy computer games. I went ahead and submitted it to GameSpot, my favorite gaming news site, which does a weekly set of op-ed pieces with a slot for a reader to opine. Well, my article was accepted! Have a read — I’m the second one down.

1 thought on “I’m a pundit, I’m punditing, I pun”

  1. Well, first of all I can certainly help you w/ Real-time strategy games, and I wouldn’t even charge you ;). We used to play them at an office I worked in which brought me up to speed along a tangible learning curve and once you get used to the strategies and recognizing the relevant information in one it makes migrating so much easier. Also variety helps…Cossacks, Empire Earth, the Total War series, AoE, AoM, and even the Command and Conquer series (I play all of the above with more regularity than I proudly admit)all work differtly but are also all somewhat the same. We can at least play them online at some point if you are up for it……Hope all is well


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