I'm starting to understand the

I’m starting to understand the news aggregator concept. It is the flipside of the blog. It addresses my earliest question about blogs: won’t everything I write just disappear into the void?

For non-geeks reading this, a news aggregator is a single program or web page that gathers together a generalized version of “headlines.” These can certainly include headlines, like from the BBC or AP wire. But they can also include postings or articles from any site that is “syndicated,” in a certain technical way, like this one is. You could ask your aggregator to pull in content from this very site, each time I update it. See how it provides the audience with the corresponding tool to the author’s tool of the blog? By the way, this very product, Radio, includes a news aggregator and so marries the two tools.

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I am a software engineer and mathematician. I work on NLP algorithms for Apple News, and research homotopy type theory in CMU’s philosophy department.